Ford H Beam Connecting Rods

We recently finished building a 302 Windsor engine for a 1966 Mustang that will be used for street and dragstrip fun. We may even try it out in some autocross events.

One of our main concerns was that the engine give long life and not just a lot of power. Since longevity was one of our main goals we decided to upgrade to H beam steel rods. Tom Molnar, the man that was the owner of K1 Technologies now has a new company, Molnar Technologies. We had used the K1 SBF rods in the past and had great sucess with them so we decided to use a set of the Molnar rods in this engine build.

It is really a shame to hide these rods inside an engine block as they are true works of art. The come with ARP2000 bolts already installed so you do not have to think about spending extra to upgrade the rod bolts like you do with some other brand rods. These are extremely nice rods at a surprisingly affordable price.

The next time you are in the market for a set of high performance or racing connecting rods check out these great rod sets at Molnar Connecting Rods and I think you will be impressed.